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Wellio Meal Planning Platform

Research, Writing, & Strategy

Wellio is an AI-powered meal planning platform that was acquired by Kraft. I partnered with their team to help develop impactful yet practical solutions to digital meal planning. Collaborating with design, marketing, and engineering, I helped improve their recipe search engine user experience. One of Wellio's challenges was that users often encountered irrelevant images when searching for recipes. The solution? A bit of AI magic, obviously. I built a convolutional neural network — a fancy way of saying an AI that learns to identify objects (in this case, food) in images. And yes, if this all sounds a bit convoluted, mathematically speaking, it literally is, but the results were anything but.

Wellio Research & Development

The custom built AI ensured Wellio users saw high-quality recipe images that perfectly matched their search intent. A convolutional neural network is actually inspired by the human visual system. Imagine the network dissecting an image into tiny squares, analyzing each square, and then piecing everything together to understand the whole picture. The AI I built for Wellio learned to recognize patterns identifying food within images. My work, documented as part of my Data Science master's degree, showcased the entire process including telling the story of the business problem and presenting the solution strategy. I also outlined the implementation, analyzed results, developed conclusions, and directed Wellio's future product development.

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