Vidora Machine Learning Platform

Research, Writing, & Strategy

Vidora is a machine learning platform that lets brands and companies predict what customers will do in the future, allowing them to use that information to drive their marketing strategy and make a real impact on business. My work there encompassed an interesting blend of research, writing, and project management at the intersection of customer insights and cutting-edge technology.

Blog & Social Media Content for Vidora

Working closely with the founders, engineers, and product managers we experimented with a proof of concept technique to predict when users will cancel their subscriptions on a streaming platform similar to Netflix. Since I shine at research and writing, I developed important insights that shaped strategy and planning. When it came to sharing findings, I had a knack for presenting them in a way that got everyone excited and brainstorming more ideas. I also had the opportunity to turn all our tech talk into engaging blog posts and social media content. These posts not only helped Vidora gain recognition in the industry but also attracted new clients.

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