Teespring Apparel Designer

Content Strategy, Copywriting, Design, & Marketing

Working with marketing, product, and engineering teams, I helped create and develop Teespring's apparel designer app and Teespring University, the platform's seller-facing educational site focused on guiding users on how to create and market high-demand apparel products. My work encompassed developing product videos, copywriting, visual design, and more broadly, creative direction for Teespring as a platform. I also closely collaborated with the business development team on pitch ideas for potential partnerships, resulting in a licensing deal with the NFL and official merch store concepts for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

Teespring Product Video

Developing product videos required a deep understanding of Teespring's target audience and their preferences. Through research and analysis, I identified Teespring's key features and benefits that resonated most with users. By translating these insights into a compelling visual narrative, I collaborated with the videography team to create videos that not only captured the attention of Teespring's target audience but also conveyed the platform's unique selling points — that it's fun and easy to use — in a memorable and engaging manner.

Teespring University

Teespring University serves as a comprehensive training portal, providing Teespring sellers with the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to excel in the competitive world of online apparel design and marketing. My focus was to develop and curate valuable content that would help sellers maximize their potential and achieve their goals. This involved creating a wide range of educational materials, including tutorials, articles, webinars, and case studies. By leveraging my skills in content strategy, copywriting, and visual design, I crafted engaging and informative content that not only educated but also inspired sellers to unlock their creativity.

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NFL Partnership

Working closely with cross-functional teams, including the business development, legal, and merchandising teams, I had the opportunity to merge my creativity and strategic thinking to successfully pitch the NFL to license their official logos and content for use on Teespring's platform. Drawing upon my creative expertise, I developed pitch decks and merch store concepts that showcased Teespring's capabilities in a visually captivating and persuasive manner. These decks combined compelling storytelling, engaging visuals, and strategic messaging to highlight how Teespring could provide immense value to the NFL in terms of merchandise sales, brand reach, and fan engagement.

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Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign

In a similar vein to the successful partnership with the NFL, I had the opportunity to work on official merch store concepts for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, further showcasing my versatility and ability to adapt my skills to different industries and brand requirements. This project involved immersing myself in understanding the core values and messaging of Hillary Clinton's campaign. Through thorough research and analysis, I gained insights into the campaign's target audience, supporters, and key messaging pillars. The pitch went beyond just merchandise offerings. It encompassed a comprehensive approach to branding and marketing, including the strategic inclusion of branded advertisements to ensure a cohesive and unified brand identity across all platforms, including social media channels like Facebook.

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