StyleSeat Beauty & Wellness Marketplace

Content Strategy, Copywriting, & Design

Think of StyleSeat as "OpenTable for salons," where salon owners can easily list their businesses, gain more clients, and efficiently manage their operations. As a key contributor to StyleSeat's design, marketing, and content strategy efforts, I played a pivotal role in driving the success of the business side of the platform. Collaborating closely with product managers, analysts, and engineers, I assessed and identified valuable product opportunities within the beauty and wellness marketplace. I also led the development of creative direction and marketing strategies for mobile, web, email, and social media platforms, all with the objective of empowering beauty and wellness professionals to grow and thrive in their businesses.

Mobile App Redesign

I spearheaded StyleSeat's mobile app redesign, communicating my vision to product managers and the engineering team through polished mockups. Blending editorial aesthetics with user-friendly functionality, I created an engaging and intuitive experience for beauty and wellness professionals. Thoughtful design choices, including clear messaging, striking graphics, and intuitive navigation, made the mobile app easy to use and visually appealing. The result was a sleek mobile experience designed to match aesthetics from the beauty and wellness industry while its optimized usability set StyleSeat's app apart from competitors.

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Business Listing Feature

Drawing from extensive market and user research, I developed concepts for listing a new business or salon on StyleSeat's mobile app. Understanding the unique needs and preferences of beauty and wellness professionals, I designed a step-by-step process that guided salon owners through the business listing process. From capturing essential information to showcasing their specialties and unique offerings, the flow was tailored to meet the specific requirements of the industry. By incorporating intuitive design elements and user-friendly microcopy, I ensured that the business listing process was both aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand.

Targeted Ads & Email Campaigns

In addition to my other responsibilities, I took charge of creating targeted Instagram ads and email campaigns, educating beauty and wellness professionals about the benefits of StyleSeat's marketplace. With concise yet persuasive language, each word was purposefully chosen to deliver a clear message that resonated with beauty and wellness professionals. I effectively communicated the platform's ability to significantly enhance their businesses, effortlessly attract more clients, and streamline operations.

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