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New Skincare Product Launch

Branding, Copywriting, Marketing, Social Media

Headline and tagline copy concepts for a new luxury skincare product launch, emphasizing the skincare brand's values of elegance and confidence with a touch of playfulness, all consistent with the company's voice and image. The messaging concepts aimed to be flexible for use in a variety marketing campaigns, encompassing digital, print, and video ads, as well as social media, email, product detail pages, and additional marketing collateral.

"Skincare Hero" concept
Skincare launch 1 Skincare launch 1 IG Skincare launch 1 FB
"Dreamy Skin" concept
Skincare launch 3 Skincare launch 3 IG Skincare launch 3 FB
"Best Performing Skin" concept
Skincare launch 2 Skincare launch 2 IG Skincare launch 2 FB

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