The Science of Sleep

Design, Research, & Writing

Created as an educational piece on the science of sleep, I custom illustrated every aspect of this project, from the title illustration to the sleep related graphics nested in some very on theme clouds. The accompanying text descriptions of each sleep fact were carefully researched and crafted to simplify complex concepts, making the reading experience effortless and straight-forward. This project demonstrates the artistry that can happen when thoughtful research meets compelling writing and visuals. Overall, it showcases my ability to translate complex information into an engaging format that is designed to appeal to a broad audience.

Title Illustration

The choice of the fairytale-esque aesthetic for the title graphic was deliberate, aiming to convey the magical and otherworldly nature of sleep. The soft and rounded font, delicate blue hues, and whimsical details like the moon and stars set against the more realistic bed and nightstand creates a visual that mirrors the blurred boundaries between the ordinary and the extraordinary we often experience in our dreams.

Writing & Graphics

Exploring our different sleep needs, brainwave patterns, and brain functioning during sleep, the information depicted in this piece provides a general overview of the science behind sleep. To ensure the information was accessible to a layperson audience, I adopted a relatable approach to the graphics, integrating visual metaphors that seamlessly merge with the data. For example, an alarm clock transformed into a pie chart cleverly illustrates the percentages of time spent in the different stages of sleep.

sleep2 sleep3 sleep4 sleep5
Full Infographic

By pairing expressive graphics with the exploration of sleep science, this piece bridges the gap between the tangible and intangible aspects of our sleep experiences. It also serves as a gentle reminder that behind the scientific study of slumber lies a world of wonder and still some unknowns yet to be discovered.