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Proof of Concept Nutrition Calculator

Research, Writing, & Strategy

Ever struggle to track your daily food intake? As someone passionate about health and wellness, I envisioned an app that simplifies this process. This led me to create a "Pizza Detector" — a fun proof-of-concept app that uses AI to identify pizza. While a bit silly, this project was meant to serve as a stepping stone for a more comprehensive nutrition analysis tool that could automatically analyze any meal.

Pizza Detector App

Why pizza? Well, it's a lighthearted take on a serious problem: identifying food for on-the-go nutrition tracking. The core idea is simple: snap a picture of your meal and instantly get the nutritional info. However, achieving this requires a crucial first step — recognizing different foods. That's where my "Pizza Detector" app comes in, a proof of concept that demonstrates the potential of AI to recognize at least one kind of food (pizza, obviously). I brainstormed the concept, ideated use cases, and built a basic machine learning model for food image recognition. But the real magic lies in the engaging narrative. I crafted witty website copy that explains the complex technical aspects in a relatable way, showcasing the app's value proposition: fun, informative, and empowering dietary choices. My work has even sparked interest from other health/wellness/pizza enthusiasts in the tech space who see the potential for further development.

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