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NuReveal Skincare

Branding, Content Strategy, Copywriting, Marketing, Social Media

NuReveal Skincare is an indie skincare line focusing on high-quality and naturally derived ingredients. I worked one-on-one with the founder to ideate on several branding, marketing, and product touchpoints, including web, email, and business card copywriting and designs. The winning concept focused first and foremost on beautiful skin, highlighting the skincare products while promoting the brand's Instagram account, all aligned with the goals of the company.

Web & print touchpoints
NuReveal Web NuReveal email copy NuReveal Business Card
Social media strategy

I also solely strategized the content strategy, art direction, copywriting, and videography for the skincare line's TikTok account, staying up-to-date with trends on TikTok while adding a twist unique to the brand. The overall vision is to highlight NuReveal's cruelty-free, naturally derived skincare products in amusing and delightful storylines, emphasizing the skincare's ability to target and treat various skin concerns in a youth-enhancing, natural, and nourishing manner.

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