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Hi, I'm Vanessa 👋

I'm a creative director and copywriter who specializes in both the art and science of storytelling.

As a storyteller and a scientist, I bring a unique combination of research, writing, and creative skills to my work. My research background in neuroscience provides me invaluable insights into how we as humans think, process information, and behave. I combine this with a highly analytical eye honed by graduate studies in data science and a lifelong passion for the arts to create narratives and visuals that deeply connect with audiences.

In the past, I've worked with large companies, startups, major and indie brands, as well as several non-profits and academic institutions. Currently, I run Think Nouveau, a creative studio specializing in creative direction, content strategy, and copywriting. While I primarily focus on science, health, and wellness industries, I'm always up for interesting opportunities that spark my curiosity. Check out my storytelling and science portfolios to learn more about how I approach my work.

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