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Logos & Identities

Branding, Design, Marketing

I've developed several logos and identity systems across a variety of industries. Much of this work involved helping the businesses and organizations I've collaborated with gain clarity on their overall vision and mission. I not only created custom logos but also helped develop an overall brand story and marketing strategy.

Some of my favorite projects include creating a playful yet earnest logo for the PAWS Humane Society, a nonprofit animal adoption agency. I worked for Riot9, a Chicago tech startup, to develop an assertive and refined logotype. Another fun project aimed at teaching teens to code involved creating an approachable yet "techy" branding system for Codeship. I designed a peppy and quirky brand identity for Peppercorn, a gourmet popcorn line. I also developed an app icon and branding system for Koku, an Apple App Store featured personal finance app. Lastly, I created a bold and whimsical type treatment for Designwise, an online concept store specializing in design books.

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