Research and Writing on AI

Research, Writing, & Strategy

In addition to my creative work and neuroscience research, I also have experience working in AI, obtaining a master's degree in Data Science. What initially drew me to AI is data's allure of objectivity. A bit naive in hindsight, I learned firsthand that subjectivity is inherent in data and AI. Human bias fundamentally shapes all data and any questions we ask of AI, so I now approach the field with a healthy dose of skepticism. Even so, working in AI has expanded my creative thinking to what's possible technologically and honed my storytelling skills. I've become an expert at carefully crafting narratives from findings into engaging content to communicate a clear and compelling message.

Blog & social media posts for Vidora

Working closely with the founders and a team of engineers, data analysts, and product managers, I helped Vidora, an AI consultancy, build a custom application to predict canceled subscriptions for a streaming entertainment platform similar to Netflix. I especially shined at research, strategy, and planning, as well as writing and communicating findings at weekly meetings, and summarizing the project into well-worded blog and social media posts aimed at helping the company build recognition in the industry, as well as attracting new clients.

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Wellio product development

I collaborated with the design, marketing, engineering, and data teams at Wellio, a health-focused cooking platform acquired by Kraft, to improve the user experience of their recipe search engine and further position the company in the AI space. I wrote about my work as research for my Data Science master's degree, telling the story of the business problem and goal, presenting the solution strategy, outlining the logistics of implementation, analyzing results, discussing conclusions, and directing future work.

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Pizza Detector

Born out of a side project to build an image-based nutrition calculator, I first started with a simple and intentionally silly proof of concept, a pizza detector. Why pizza, you might ask? Pizza is arguably one of the most ubiquitous foods in the western world, so it's a great food to test this proof of concept. If this ridiculous idea sounds familiar, the show Silicon Valley featured a similar app, but I swear I had the idea first! I built the AI and website myself, but without a doubt, I most enjoyed brainstorming the initial idea, conceiving the comedic copywriting for the website, and putting together the visuals, all to build an entertaining and approachable narrative of the project.

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