Hi, I'm Vanessa 👋

I'm a creative who specializes in both the art and science of storytelling.

As a storyteller and a scientist, I bring a unique blend of research, writing, and creative skills to my work. My master's degree in neuroscience provides me invaluable insights into how people think, process information, and behave. I combined this with a lifelong passion for the arts to create engaging narratives and visuals that deeply resonate with audiences.

I've worked with large companies, startups, major and indie brands, as well as several non-profits. Currently, I work on projects needing creative storytelling in areas including art direction, content strategy, and copywriting. Check out my creative work and research and writing to learn more.

I also have experience in acting, improv, and comedy writing, which gives my work a fresh and playful flair. I combine all my skills in the science series I founded, Neuroscience TV. I love taking complex topics and making them fun and easy to understand, using my expertise in research, writing, presenting, art direction, video editing, and content strategy.

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